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    So I sorted my problem with the help of live config and fixed the loss of image within alien breed 2 and superfrog.

    by changing the screen size in super frog and the scaling the data was visible at the top .. I guess what was confusing is relating those 4 values to the test screen mode.. I only realised they were the same thing due to the fact the live mode was remembered.

    So it took me 3 attempts to save as it hung twice.. but finally it was in and now my screens seem better :) phew.. thanks to everyone who helped...

    Yep thanks! I did have dblpal in monitors grrr.. i cleared everything down and reset though still had issues with lost images and hanging config tool on save.. but finally battled through it.

    the edid info i managed to get using hdmi to dvi cable and it matched one already in the list - strangely the edid version gave a blank screen even though the settings are identical to the preset one?

    Anyway... after a battle I finally got it (nearly) working as I want.. Sysinfo is spot on.. games are generally centred and full screen, turrican is on the right but no loss ... strangely tho super frog and alien breed 2 lose some of the top whilst other games fit perfect - I guess games used different modes/resolutions?

    So I'm still struggling to get this thing working... my only requirement is to get the game mode centred and something in WB with amiga mode - e.g. sysinfo.

    Test modes always look centred, although I still seem to feel its a little too large for my display. I can get WHDLoad games to sort of centre but then sysinfo is off on the left..

    Anyway - this is a typical issue I have so if anyone would be able to advise what I'm doing wrong... and my EDID read action does not work for whatever reason. I will try HDMI to DVI next to see if that helps.

    So after a restore from my rescue disk I open WB and its looks fine in Pal Hires - corners are spot on. I then go into the tool it throws up a message which I ignore (accepting often causing other problems) and then I test... all good right? woooh... what happened there? The sodding thing is lost.... what?? I haven't saved jack...…frXEAU77/view?usp=sharing

    This is just one of many issues I have faced... I've plugged the keyboard adapter back in to try and scale and move the pic around but it never seems to remember? interlace is off (Alien breed 2) - move the page.. nice.. Pal is off in game.. ok lets move that... now exit.. go into config tool - something changed... accept.. save.. go back to game... back in old positions???

    If someone can do a video on how to use the configuration that would be helpful I feel as I'm about 1 evening away from throwing this out of the window... :cursing:

    Hey, thanks for the quick replies much appreciated. I’m sure I’ll get it sorted but have just found the last few hours frustrating.

    I have it going via a ratte monitor switch - so both the cyber and Indi vga outputs go into the ratte. I did wonder if this might have caused a problem with monitor Edid - so I wired it up direct and skipped the rtg .. but to no avail.

    i am a little surprised it didn’t work as the benq is a recent model.

    Ok, sadly a few hours of absolute frustration.

    I installed V1.4 and flashed the firmware - but the software is buggy as hell - keeps crashing (see pics) and seems to remember things you don't ask - e.g trying a mode is supposed to revert but the amount of times I lost the image and couldnt get it back (even with a reboot) resulted in a heavily used rescue disk. Once it moaned it couldn't find the card and resulted in me painfully pulling my tower apart.

    Also save or use will sometimes hang and results in a need to reboot.

    I use a CyberVision for my workbench mode - so just want to get the games looking sweet .. my native resolution is 1280x1024 and is a BENQ BL912. The EDID stuff .. when I ask it to get the values from the monitor it completely fails and gets nothing.

    Anyway - I did somehow 'fluke' a view that looked pretty good on the monitor but some games just seemed to view too large for the screen resulting in losing a bit of the top (Alien breed 2), or the right (Ruff n Tumble).. Others had similar problems. Using the config tool I'm not sure how I would fix this as the 'adjust mode' is for the indi mode not the game mode? (or am I wrong here).. I couldn't find a way to adjust it and going into vga settings is not the same ability to move the screen around?

    I don't have the keyboard connector on as I use a sub1200 keyboard adapter - I know with this on I can scale and move the screen around - but I believe it doesn't remember? what good is that?

    Can I ask - If I moved and scaled a game to my liking - going into the indi config tool I would be able to save as my default game mode?

    Anyway forgive me if I misunderstand how to use this tool - I've always found the Indi Config tools very confusing.

    ok - it stumped me a little as flashing just left the screen flickering... but after a reboot - it was fine - looks very nice and love it that interlace is instant now..

    just need to now understand how to get the best out of it!

    many thanks to you and Peter for the quick turnaround!


    CBM 391227-01

    CBM 1993





    1293 23



    9312AS 395911



    CBM 391425-01

    Ram Chips (I think are the 4 chips below U7?)

    NEC Japan




    I tried again this morning and for about 1 minute it was fine before it started to flicker and disappear again.


    Hi, Just received this card and placed it in my A1200.

    Things started well at first but within a few seconds the screen started to flicker and became unstable. I tried 2 monitors and HDMI and VGA - all with the same result.

    I inserted my MK2CR into the same A1200 and it works fine.

    Sadly it looks like I have a faulty one??

    Two videos one of the mk3 and another of the mk2…1dhLvq9GMMIQN?usp=sharing


    it just stopped working and has no light.. I guess the warranty will have expired?

    Can I return it for repairs and what would the costs likely be. Also what would be the address to send it to.

    Can I also ask - the clockport version works on a Xsurf too - can I cannot additional usb cable to it to double the usb slots?


    Can I ask if its feasible to use this with a Ratte Monitor Switch or Matze Graphics card which use the smaller 10 pin adapter used by the origin Indi ECS. I understand this has more pins but is it an option to have a cable adapted.. and better still could you make them available :) ?