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    i don't know if is only on single block,

    I'm very desapointed to have error on new device, why i need to try fix with write one one block on error and peraps solve this issue

    ,why do not provide me a full image of installation ?

    If you can send me a image to reintall dom, you could send me a new DOM

    regards .

    to resume

    error is on DOM not on SD or ide PORT

    i haven't old style hard drive

    i think realy is from DOM ,

    because without SD a i have read error popup ( BUDDHAinstall has read error on block ....).

    after that i made install on my SD and all is OK .

    now when i browse BUUDDHainstal disk from workbench i also read error on this DOM.


    I check my sd and sd2ide with another computer (pc) this hardware work whell.

    the GVP card is an acceleratrr card vith 68030 and 8 gb of memory

    i'am in france in on this planet ;)


    Found bellow my setup

    Amiga 2000 rev 6.2

    Rom 3.1

    Gvp scsi card

    Indivision ecs v2

    Try to install on 2 différent sd card (4go) Check sd card With another computer ( no error)

    Sd2ide Checked with no errors