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    I have my aca and my 500, but wondered what is the highest memory configuration I can achieve that's compatible with the ACA 500 plus and my a500. I currently have a 512k trapdoor expansion but was hoping for more memory overall and maximum amount of chipram I can achieve.

    I don't mind doing a bit of soldering if I have to to pop an expansion in the trapdoor or even solder chips to the board.

    Mines a revision 6A board.

    Thanks for your time.


    I have removed the eBay link - no links to external shops, please.

    Such an "upside-down" adapter extends the bus beyond sane length. This adds capacity to the bus that will harm stability. I recommend not to use it - not only because the CF cards aren't accessible any more.

    Don't even try to argue "but it works for me" - it's not good practise to add capacitance to an alreaedy-critical bus.

    Gotcha, thanks, that's my mind made up then. :)

    You'll have the new version, of course.

    That's going against the overall concept of the ACA500, as you can't access the CF card slots any more, you can't see the DisMo, you can't press the DisMo button, and there's no space to install an A1200 accelerator. It's like buying a sports car and driving it with thin spare wheels only - why cripple the ACA500plus?

    OK, thanks for your help, I'll make sure the external cases have access to the buttons and CF cards before I order. Thanks.


    I've called the company today and asked if they are interested in us putting this as retail item into our shop. I believe that our shipping rate to te UK (11.31 EUR) is pretty good, and since people are asking for a case every now and then, it might be a good one to add to the shop.

    Waiting for the boss to call back - he's in home office and was not available just now.

    That's great, I don't know if these things are an option too.

    (ebay link removed)

    I have seen someone on an Amiga group who's used one in combination with an SD card extender so that he can plug one end into the accelerator and have the other end come out the case somewhere for file transfers.

    The only issue he told me about was that he couldn't close his case properly on the left hand side. Which would be a bit of a bother.

    Basically the seller of the cases asks if the board that I have is pre or post 09/2018. I'm assuming you're selling boards that were made after 2018, but just thought I best check to be sure before I order from them?

    Also I've seen people installing a side port extension that reverses the direction of the ACA card and has it mounted internally, I've only seen one person who's done this and he can't seem to close his case, have you seen a solution for this at all?

    Thanks for your time.

    Rob Allen.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone sells a case for the ACA 500 Plus, I'm tempted to get the accelerator but at the same time don't like the idea of a piece of chipboard hanging out of my Amiga, it looks a bit unsightly.

    Also I have a SCSI drive with 4 meg on board, can that be daisy chained and will the RAM on board that conflict with the RAM on the accelerator card?

    If so I can always get rid of the SCSI drive I guess.

    Thanks in advance.