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    Machine - A1200

    Card - ACA1233n-40

    Internal ROM - 3.0

    Workbench -

    ACATool - 2.1


    Having just completed a 3.1.4 install I noted the warning from Hyperion re CPU libraries:

    And having just encountered an error trying to get a WHDload game running, I wanted to rule out everything including turning off features using ACAtool, and / or installing anything I might have missed re drivers/libraries etc.

    Checking your forums to see if MMUlibs had been mentioned, and if I should install or not. I found the following threads which leads me to ask is there a recommendation re adding the MMUlib from - ?

    2018 post discussing 3.1.4 & MMU libraries:

    ACA 1232 and AmigaOS 3.1.4 - where do I find the 68030.library?

    29th March 2020 - user mentioned using MMUlib to resolve issue bad was on old tools:

    Unable to map internal kickstart on ACA1233n-40

    2nd April 2020 - Post saying don’t use MMU library:

    Acatool MAPROM breaks when setpatch is called

    Appreciate your thoughts on this one?



    Thanks for confirming.

    So my underlying 3.0 physical roms are to blame even though I'm running OS3.1 on top?

    By 'replace' are you meaning just get physical 3.1 roms, otherwise how would I change the behaviour of OS3.1's 'copy' command?

    As a side note is there any way to make a kickstart floppy that holds a tweaked startup sequence feeding the ACA1233n the ACAtool command to push a rom file on the floppy to accelerator's memory? as someone in a tutorial I was following used ACAMapROM to do that. But I assume ACAMapROM is now not supported?

    Trying to investigate further I was advised on a friendly discord group to carry out checksum on rom file at both ends.

    So checksum on source rom file unzipped from Hyperion website:


    Then after I've packed file into an adf and transfered to Amiga via either ADF Opus or Winuae and then USB stick to Gotek - I get the following checksum on the Amiga 1200:


    Tried grabbing a fresh copy and get the same result.

    I assume this might have something to do with my issue? I guess I should test a completely different rom perhaps

    Machine - A1200

    Card - ACA1233n-40

    Internal ROM - 3.0

    Workbench - 3.1

    ACATool - 2.1

    Good evening, I wonder if I could get some Easter accelerator help - I just bought a second hand ACA1233n-40 and I love the card it's fantastic.

    Having also just purchased Hyperion's Amiga OS 3.1.4, I wanted to get it installed and assumed that it would be best to first have maprom load up 3.1.4 rom from memory on the ACA1233n-40 ?

    Having initially looked for tutorials on youtube and web, I started playing with ACATune, ACAMaprom etc, before realising that the newer ACATool should be used instead.

    So I tried the following:

    - placed ACATool to my C on Amiga 1200

    - placed Hyperion's 'kick.a1200.46.143' (524,288 bytes) into sys:Kickstarts/

    - Run the GUI and first just tested if I can maprom the existing 3.0 internal ROM to fast memory

    check on command line:

    - hard reboot Amiga and all seems fine

    - then jump back to GUI and attempt to set ROM file location to Workbench:Kickstarts/kick.a1200.46.143

    - Hard reboot and I simply get red screen

    - navigate back to Workbench by left mouse button to remove maprom

    - attempt to place kick in various other locations like C: S: or DEVS/Kickstarts but get the same red screen on hard reboot

    I might be missing something obvious, as I'm completely new to Amiga config, but any help would be appreciated?

    Another option I was considering was just installing 3.1.4 without doing the maprom, and set the maprom up when 3.1.4 is finished but I didn't know if that would work and/or upset the install. Either way I'd like to figure out why I'm currently getting red screens?