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    with the Commodore PSU the Indivision was never recognized, it was not possible to change a setting of the Indivision software and I got a lot of Guru Meditations. This PSU is never recapped, it was the light weight version, not the heavy A500 version.

    With the Polish PSU I had some glitches but only for about 25 minutes. After these 25 minutes the PSU was blown up, I couldn’t try a second time! Never sent it back to that company because the high costs to sent it.

    Now I’m working since August with the CA-PSU in HighGFX mode (1024x768) without any problems.

    For me it solved the problems, that doesn’t mean it will solve your problems also. Try the CCK capacitor settings like Jens says. I didn't need it.


    I'll try the settings from the config tools as Jens says.

    But you can confirm that you had the artifact (glitches) problems before the CA-PSU you bought now?

    Is the CA-PSU you bought this?…psu_type=compact_200-240V

    Just in case you didn't notice it by now: Indivision AGA MK3 is not the cause of the pixel errors - it merely makes them visible. And since previous versions of the flicker fixer did that as well, we started adding possible remedies into the product, such as the CCK capacitor and pullup/down resistors that are now software-switchable

    Once again, try the CCK capacitor and pullup/down combinations. They do help. Really.

    I try to set the CCK capacitor and pullup/down resistors from the configuration tools and I'll let you know.

    Try it first with a good PSU.

    I have almost the same A1200 Rev 2b (KS3.1.4; Blizzard 1230 IV + FPU; HDD CF 64GB; Indi AGA MK3;PCMCIA CF32GB)

    Even with the original PSU of Commodore I had some problems after I had problems with a PSU from a Polish company.

    With the CA-PSU all my problems went away.

    Hi Phill,

    thanks for your advice.

    What kind of problems did you have with the original Commodore PSU or the Polish PSU?

    Have you had the same artifact (glitches) issues as I did at high resolutions? (from resolution 1024 upwards)

    Hi Jens,

    or if I buy your Amiga power supply that you sell can I be sure to solve the artifact problem? reading this:

    "This means that the voltage on the main 5V rail will never deviate more then 0.9%, measured inside the computer - no matter if the computer is in vanilla configuration or heavily expanded. Conventional power supplies will either supply too-high voltage to a vanilla machine, or too-low voltage to an expanded machine, causing malfunction or even defects. This cannot happen with our cable drop compensation technology" It should work.…psu_type=compact_200-240V

    Since you wrote here: Mk3 horizontal glitches only at startup

    With the latest firmware update, the reliance on clock drift due to temperature has been removed, so what remains are the effects occurring on the Amiga side, not inside the indivision flicker fixer.

    p.s. on my A1200 all the capacitors on the motherboard have been changed, the classic capacitor recap kit.

    Because you haven't read the documentation - didn't even bother to attempt the CCK capacitor or pullup/down settings. I'm not here to read available documentation to you.

    I have now read the documentation for the artifacts (glitches) but here: Mk3 horizontal glitches only at startup

    I read that the same problem has already happened to another user / buyer and suggest to try to do the recap of the original feeder

    Basic Amiga usage: If a program is running, you open the drop-down menus by pressing and holding the right mouse button, then hovering with the mouse to the top bar of the screen.


    I gave you a link to our PSU FAQ. If you can re-cap an original Commodore PSU, it'll be good - much better than a MeanWell-based semi-solution. If you can't do that re-cap, you just follow the recommendation that's given in the FAQ: Our CA-PSU.

    I also tried the original power supply and the artifacts show up after 5/10 minutes so I will recap the original commodore power supply and let you know if the defect still occurs.

    I use an original A500 PSU (5V-4.5A, 12V-1.0A, -12V0.1A).

    Hi Jens,

    were you able to look at the attached files inside the .zip file I sent you?

    why didn't you answer me about the artifact problem ...

    also I did not understand which drop down list are you talking about? the only tool that I managed to load from floppy .adf is that of changing the resolutions...

    For the power supply instead you recommend me a model that is perfect for my precious hardware ...

    Many Thnaks


    Hi Jens,

    I just bought the indivision mk3 in mid-February (order ID 92618) but I have the following problems when I set the resolution of 1024x384 or 1024x768 with a VGA monitor

    I read here: Indivision AGA Mk3 + A1200 2B = heat problems? that with motherboard Rev. 2B which is exactly my model there have been problems related to artifacts (glitches).

    As you can see from the videos ( that I am attaching to the resolution I wrote to you before I think when the lisa chip heats up because if I put a finger on the socket of the lisa chip I feel a lot of heat.

    - Has the latest firmware been updated before the shipment you sent me?

    - Should I put a cooling fan on the LISA chip?

    I also downloaded the indivisionAGAmk3-1.9.adf and put it on the floppy but I did not understand how to update the firmware to the latest version 1.9 (provided that it has not already been updated before shipping to version 1.9)

    Can you explain it to me in detail please if you need to upgrade?

    My configuration machine:


    KICK ROMS 3.1.4

    Blizzard 1230 IV with 68030, FPU and 128MB of RAM

    HD: CF 32GB

    AOS 3.9

    Indivision MK3

    A-Power. Power supply for Amiga 500, 500+, 600, and 1200.

    With an extremely low leakage current, A-Power offers 55W of power, more than two times the power of the last PSU manufactured by Commodore (25W). It accepts 90~264VAC input voltage and it is compatible with EU/UK/USA/Australian and Japan current standards (by chosing the right option).

    Let me know

    Thanks so much