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    Jens, thank you so much for that as its exactly what i was looking for as pin 3 from left of the left cf sockets runs under the ic and i can now see where its gong.

    thank you so much for that


    Ive received the cf sockets today and i have a question about the aca500 plus, would you have a schismatic so i can trace where all the ripped off pads go to as i will need to bridge a lot of points from the to ic's or via's etc and its going to take a extremely long time but if you have a schismatic it would cut the time down drastically is there any help you could give me?.

    tried to take some pics but there way to large to post here.

    Ive re-fitted the 22r resistor and the aca500 plus has its protection back and i still have 9 spare just waiting to the enameled wire and cf slots to see if they can be fixed.

    Thought i would start my own thread not hijack someone else's thread and will upload pics as soon as i can

    i have a second hand aca500 plus

    it was got after being plugged in upside down bot thanks to Jens explaining diffrence between v1 and v2 boards i have it up and running as one of the resistors of shame was blown and is now bridged till my replacement 22r 0603 resistors arrive.

    i have ordered replacement compact flash sockets from Jens site as the ones for this board are missing so will have an attempt at repairing them as a lot of the pads are missing so ive ordered some .02 gage enameled wire to make bridge connections.

    checked the resistors of shame and found only the outer one blown so bridged it as you suggested and it's back up and running, I've ordered so.e 0603 22r resistors so will replace it when they arrive.

    I will be ordering 2 cf sockets as well and some 0.02mm enameled wire to tray and repair the missing cf sockets and see if I can get it back to factory spec

    Thanks Jens for your advice

    back in the day i used the rad drive with transadf and wrote the floppy image to rad instead of df0 or df1 and with rad being memory residant for soft boot it will boot the game from there works really well

    "resistor of shame" exchanged - card was installed upside down. Invoice sent via eMail.

    Hi Jens

    I have got an aca500plus from somebody and they said they had plugged it in upside down, you have mentioned resistor of shame replaced would it be possible to find out which resistor that would be and the value please as it card if way out of warranty as the broke the cf card slots on it so just trying to get it running before i attempt to rectify the missing slots, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    reading down the posts i will have a good look at the board tonight and see if i can find the resistors in question and will order some for replacement, i look forward to resurrecting this as i've always been a fan of your work and had many things for my a1200 in the past from you.