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    Hi Jens


    Hard to tell from your description, as I don't know how you attempt to "see" the CD drive.

    Im use IDE 97 package and finddevice to look for CD-ROM - nothing is showing up on buddhascsi.device


    Some CD-Rom drives will only identify properly if a data-CD is inserted - you might want to do that when attempting to install the CD drive for the first time.

    I will try again with cd in drive and let you know how I get on.


    This installation includes a CD file system and a mountlist entry. Please share this mountlist entry and the version of the Buddha flash ROM that you're using, so we can verify if the device/filesystem names are correct.

    I only got the buddha last week from yourselves so I assume latest flash rom - I will try again and post a copy of mountlist if im getting nowhere




    Amiga 500+ Vampire and zorro adaptor, the Buddha and rapidroad usb are plugged into zorro. USB is working fine.

    I can see the install Dom and it works ok, also HD and CF are working ok in the other ide port.

    When i plug in cd-rom its not seen (works fine in A4000 and on X-Surf on same zorro adaptor)

    I also tried 3 other cd-roms. All were tried on single cable with cd-rom set as master

    Am i missing something?