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    In the expert menu, regardless of the setting for $C0/Trapdoor RAM being on or off, the memory is always enabled and so never gets turned off. This is particularly prominent on an A500+ with no trapdoor expansion.

    On a rev 6 A500 with an A501, if the chipmem 1MB item is enabled then the $C0 memory is always turned on regardless of menu item once again. I assumed this was owing to how the trapdoor was turned into chipmem but it seems to be related to the same issue I'm seeing on the A500+/rev 8.

    Is there a dependent menu item which is forcibly turned on which I can use to fix this issue?

    Thank you in advance for any advice.

    That means that Timm won't be able to reproduce the issue unless he has the exact same monitor with the exact same bug in it's firmware. Please understand that I have to declare this as "incompatible monitor", as you've been the first to report this after almost 1.5 years of availability of this product. I therefore believe that a firmware update of the monitor is the only thing that will really help you.

    For the record, I'm not willing to pay for Timm's time further investigating this.

    That's quite alright; I thought you should know that there definitely is some kind of difference between the mode applied when the config tool is run in comparison to the mode set on bootup. Obviously, not knowing the intrinsics of what's going on within the FPGA I can't tell if the config tool triggers a slightly different setting of the video mode, but certainly I can convince the video output to set something usable on that monitor as a workaround.

    Thanks again.

    Attached archive of configurations. Included my ScreenMode.prefs & Overscan.prefs as well.

    The 1920x1080.conf is supplied as provided from the IndivisionECSv2-20190516.lha archive. From ENVARC:, I've provided IndivisionECSv2.conf, and note that the file is identical as previously stated. I'm providing these files just to indicate that there's no funny business and the configurations I'm using are unmodified:

    1. % shasum 1920x1080.conf IndivisionECSv2.conf
    2. 69860a905dc7adaa495e30a60eebe21d0b91413e 1920x1080.conf
    3. 69860a905dc7adaa495e30a60eebe21d0b91413e IndivisionECSv2.conf

    Interestingly, I pulled another of my monitors over to see the behaviour with that. That monitor showed that the powerup resolution was 1920x1080 and not 1400x1050 as reported by my primary display. I did wonder if the sync settings were confusing the (original unit this thread was created to discuss) display so that it believed it was in another mode other than 1920x1080 and hence part of the viewable area was offscreen.

    I wonder why the question came up in the first place - we just need the config, and this won't be changed if you just load the config tool and save it to a floppy or the harddisk. Once we have that, we can attempt to reproduce the effect here.

    I apologise; I thought there may be some discrepancy between what is in ENVARC: and the flash. Which is why I asked the question.

    The configuration I have been using is the provided 1920x1080.conf from the tool archive. It is unmodified. If I reload and reproduce the issue, would you require the configuration from ENVARC: or are you able to reproduce using the 1920x1080.conf supplied in the archive?

    I've noticed the same effect does not occur with the 1368x768 configuration, which I've been using in the meantime, however the display periodically blanks for a few seconds so it's not quite perfect. But if absolutely required, I can apply the configuration and pull the active configuration back out to attach here.

    Thank you both for your responses.

    Is it really Indivision ECS V2 that's switching to 1400x1050? Does it display that in it's OSD? Also, I wonder where that resolution comes from, as AFAIR it's not in the presets that we provide. Makes me wonder if it's a bug of the monitor itself. After all, I find it a bit weird not to have a button (-combination) that launches auto-adjust.


    According to the Indivision OSD it's outputting 1920x1080 (I reconfigured the OSD to display at the top of the screen), but the display position and scale seem wrong. The monitor OSD states it's 1400x1050. After starting the Indivision config tool, the resolution immediately switches. I'll try to capture a short video tomorrow to demonstrate this.

    The monitor will let me perform auto-adjust but this never puts all of the display into the viewable area. There is a manual positioning option (I did not realise this existed until I found it in an unrelated submenu). However, even at the most extreme top-aligning level, I cannot get the bottom of the display into the viewable area.

    Once again, the key takeaway is that the video mode actively changes upon loading the Indivision tool, without any changes to settings, which makes me question what mode it was in before (the mode afterwards is what I expected it to be).

    Thanks again for the reply.

    If you have a PAL machine it will be in the 800x600 mode before workbench loads and changes modes, there are different VGA settings per mode.

    You can set the current VGA mode to apply to all amiga modes by going into the Indivision ECS config tool, under the Settings menu select "Find live mode" then go to the Settings menu again and select "Apply VGA mode to all" then save the changes

    Hello, and thanks for the reply!

    That's the problem: When I load the tool, the Indivision immediately switches the VGA video mode to the requested 1920x1080 and pretends like the 1400x1050 mode never happened. The 1920x1080 has been applied to all modes, but prior to loading the Indivision tool, it powers up and remains in 1400x1050 and the bottom part of the screen is lost.

    It's a bit annoying - I've tried different global VGA modes and the same thing happens.

    Hello! I love my Indivision ECS v2 (though I do have the ghosting problem, will try a different cable). However I have a small niggling issue.

    On power up, the video mode goes into VGA 1400x1050, which is slightly upsetting as my display attempts to auto adjust (it has no manual adjustment facility) and loses the bottom 20 (estimated) pixels from the screen. The aspect is also wrong unless I force it into 4:3 mode.

    Once I have booted from my Workbench installation and loaded the configuration tool, it automatically (without any poking) shifts into VGA 1920x1080 and the aspect is corrected, but this is only after a boot and loading the config tool. Which I'm not sure I can put into WBStartup since afaik it can't start ICONIFYied.

    Is there a reason the 1920x1080 isn't being written to the settings in flash?

    Thanks in advance,