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    Just a short note to say all sorted... dodgy connection on the ps/2 keyboard plug.

    This is some piece of kit by the way... can feel the difference between this and emulation immediately.

    Off to re-bury myself in the Programmer's Reference Guide. Thanks for your help Tobias.

    Yep, connected to the purple connector. the keyboard lights flash on startup and the numlock light toggles fine, but not the caps lock. No input of any kind from the keys.

    I have tried a couple of power supplies as I suspected that too but no change. I'll dig out another ps/2 keyboard at work tomorrow and hopefully that will do the trick.

    Slight update, it seems the vic sync option was set which was causing the display to go, reinstalling the core fixed it. I know that's what it was because when I tried to enable it, I got the same result.

    My keyboard is not working though. I know the cart is running as the cdtv remote works fine. It's a basic MS PS/2 keyboard, model RT2300. Anyone know if that keyboard has issues?

    Hi Tobias,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    That didn't work either. To be honest, I'm assuming that the output mode is the problem as with all 3 monitors but upon checking at least one of them should support it.

    When I power the unit on, i get a brief flash of the yellow bootloader and a *very* brief flash of the TC64 menu before all 3 monitors cut out with variations of the meassage "Input not supported" on screen. I have connected ChaCo and all looks good, core valid, cart running etc but no display.

    Any ideas gratefully accepted at this point :)

    Hi all,

    Sorry to necro an old thread, but I've just acquired a V1 TC. Unfortunately, the previous owner has the VGA output set to 72Hz and despite having 3 monitors in the house none of them support this.

    I've checked some videos of the options menus and attempted to replicate what I think are the keystrokes required to change video mode but no luck. Short of finding a 72Hz monitor somewhere to hook it up to, is there any way I can change the VGA output mode without being able to see the screen?

    Thanks in advance