Rapid Roads Repairs

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  • Hi, I bought a Rapid Roads about a year ago from Amigakit and just got around to installing it in an A1200 and It doesn't seem to be working. I've checked the cabling, no USB devices are being recognized, the LED doesn't come on, the ports don't appear to be getting any power, and it's getting about finger burning hot. Would it be possible to have it serviced?

  • Would it be possible to have it serviced?

    Yes, we repair these units. You should get your power supply serviced, so this does not happen again. If it's an original Commodore PSU, you'll be fine with exchanging the output caps. If it's a "new" unit, you should not continue to use it at all, as all currently-sold Amiga PSUs are violating the original Commodore PSU spec.

    Just send the unit to the company address and include a short letter stating what to do, so my employees don't need to dig through the forum.

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