RapidRoad USB stop working

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  • Hi. My Rapid Road USB clockport version stop working. When I turn on my Amiga 1200 there is no light on my Rapid Road USB controller. I bought this 24.10.2019. Can I send it to you and could you repair it under warranty? I bought it 24.10.2019. My computer : motherboard 1D4, Workbench 3.1.4, Indivision Aga MK2, 4 GB flash drive, accellerator blizzard 1230, PSU I have from amigastore.eu 50W .

  • PSU I have from amigastore.eu 50W

    This is not suitable for an Amiga, and we have notified the vendor a number of times - even got confirmation that it's not sold any more. However, they are still offering the unit.

    This will be a paid repair, but you can forward the invoice to amigastore.eu, as they have provided the known-bad PSU. I'm happy to communicate directly with ASB computer.

    Please use the company address for shipping the RapidRoad back.

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