P96 and dragging down screens!

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  • Back in the days dragging one screen down to see another applications used to be a common thing. Now, this feature is no longer available. I am using P96 on both my Vampire V4 and my A3000 with ZZ9000 and i really miss this feature. So my question is obvious. Could this feature be implemented ?

    Roger Andre Lassen

  • We've discussed this internally more than a year ago, as I personally also like screen dragging a lot. However, it's not that simple and would require re-writing major parts of P96. I have therefore dropped the idea.

  • Thanks for the answer. Thats sad to hear. Its sort of "The AMIGA way", but if it is that much work, i can understand.

    Maybe P96 V2.5 with a higher price might make you to reconsider ?

    Fingers crossed.

    - RAL


  • Maybe P96 V2.5 with a higher price might make you to reconsider ?

    Like I wrote "major parts need to be re-written". Knowing that P96 is a multiple-man-year project, we'd need a six-digit amount of money to pull this off. It's too likely to not pay off.

  • I see your problem, and i do understand. If its a huge task and little payback, it might not be worth it for you. Too bad for us Vampire users and P96 users in general, coz its a feature i really miss.


    - Roger

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