Rapid Road Repair - Clock port version.

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  • Hi,

    I've had a rapid road for a few years. Purchased from AmigaKit. I was recently performing a back to an External USB Hard drive. The backup consisted of many GB's of Data so you can imagine I left it running for a couple of days. At some point the transfer froze. I powercycled the Amiga and noticed the rapidroad device would not come online, I looked inside my tower case and noticed the white LED was not on. I've removed the Clockport Rapid Road and tried it in two other A1200's and the White LED does not come on.

    Is there a way this can be repaired ?

  • Yes, this can be repaired - just send the unit to the company address, along with a short letter explaining what to do, so my employees know without having to dig through the forum.

    Many RapidRoad units die because of infufficient power - if the 5V rail goes below a certain threshold, the 3.3V regulator may begin to oscillate, causing an SCR latchup in the CPLD, and possibly also the USB controller chip. If you're using a physical harddrive on the USB, then this situation may happen sooner than you might think. To avoid this, please use a powered USB hub in the future, and make sure to only use an original Commodore PSU (preferrably re-capped) - definitely not an ATX or a Meanwell-based power supply!

  • Jens

    Thanks. I posted the board on the 07-March for repair, with a covering letter.

    One question I have about the 5V rail. For Clockport Rapid Road's fitted in a Towerised A1200, with a mediator PCI board and powered via an ATX power supply what, if anything, can I do to reduce the risk of this happening again ?

    I've recapped all my motherboards with Panasonic Caps. I'll have to get around to doing the power supplies.

  • and powered via an ATX power supply what, if anything, can I do to reduce the risk of this happening again ?

    Get rid of the ATX power supply! Trouble with these is that they normally have the 12V rail as their main regulation rail. This means if the 12V rail is mostly not loaded (as with all Amiga systems), you have insufficient regulation on the 5V rail.

    Only the latest PSUs have individual DC-DC regulators for each rail, but these PSUs are fairly expensive, and they are mostly over-powered. However, with the small amount of power that an Amiga requires (well under 100W), you might want to check if a PicoPSU (or another DC-DC converter-based PSU) is an option for you. This will surely have sufficient regulation of the 5V rail.

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