X-SURF 100 and ZZ9000

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  • Hello,

    Anyone with skills could help me with the following issue:

    Amiga 4000 warp engine 040/40 with zz9000 and x-surf100 and rapidroad installed..

    When using the graphics card ZZ9000 from MNT together with the X-surf 100, the zz9000NET.device (the part of zz9000 LAN) does not work. But x-surf 100 works fine, receive packets normally and can connect with the internet.

    Resuming: They do not co-exist in same machine. When I unplug the x-100 hardware, the zz9000net.device works fine. Internet OK.

    I wrote my first impressions at English Amiga Board:


    Thank you in advance


  • Please make sure to use Thor's MMU libraries and the latest RR device driver - this will "poke a hole" into the MMU table and allow access to the card. You might want to make Lukas (maker of the zz9000) aware of this mechanism, so he can adapt his drivers. Thor's MMU libraries are the quasi-standard on more powerful Amigas like yours.

  • Then it's Lukas' turn. We really can't do anything unless the conflict has been tracked down to an error in the X-Surf-100, which is very unlikely after almost seven years in the field.

    My guess is that Lukas just needs to tell the MMU lib that his drivers want to access the card.

  • In less than a minute, Lukas answered my question:

    Hi Francisco,

    thanks for your message. This is a known issue. We believe it is an

    interrupt problem, but I'm not 100% sure. There are some alternative

    drivers for using INT2 instead of INT6 being developed by Chain-Q. So

    my suggestion would be to wait for version 1.6. If you want to test beta

    drivers, please join our IRC channel (as printed in the manual).



    Good to know we have such a good persons in our community, Lukas and Jens, you are fantastic guys. Congrats!

  • Hello,

    Problem fixed by MNT, with the last firmware version 1.6.2. for the ZZ9000 graphics card.

    Info from MNT: Fixes to network driver including the possibility of switching to INT2 instead of INT6 in the event you have hardware conflicts.

    To do this, set the interrupt jumper on ZZ9000 to INT2 and create an empty file ENVARC:ZZ9K_INT2.


  • Thanks for reporting back. I wonder what the problem was in the first place - the Amiga uses shared IRQs, so there is no such thing as an IRQ conflict by design. All iComp cards properly go tri-state on INTx lines when there is no IRQ pending.