Product updates? [Indivision, A1200 Reloaded, Catweasel]

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  • Hi everyone.

    Being a huge Icomp fan, there are a few different products that have been either announced or hinted at that I'm looking forward to. If it's not out of the question to say a few words about them, may I please ask for a short status update about these projects?

    1. The A1200 Reloaded - I've backed the new Kickstarter, hoping to house a brand new A1200 Reloaded in it.
    2. The CD32 Indivision - it has been mentioned here that a new production run is planned for.
    3. The new (and Ethernet-connected?) Catweasel - the upcoming Amiga A1222 Tabor lacks PCI ports, so a new implementation for floppy, keyboard and joystick/mouse connectivity would be most welcome.

    Please keep up the great, great work that you do! :thumbup:

  • None of these projects have been stopped - they might change specs when I get back to them, though. No further details until I really start working on them again.