Download expired through Order History

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  • Hello,

    I had purchased my X-Surf 500 on Nov.25th 2018 (over a year ago), and I am trying to re-download the software through my Order History page, but it says 'Download Expired'.

    How should I go about re-downloading?

    Best regards

  • What version of the ACA500 are you going to use it with? You may not need the download at all, as the ACA500plus has all software (including the AmiTCP install disk) in it's on-board flash.

  • I'll be using it on the newer ACA500plus (which I already am).

    What I was trying to do is create a master "template" AmigaOS install for all my Amiga machines, which has all my favorite software already installed so I don't have to install on a case-by-case basis.

    I do understand about licensing requirements, so if that's the case only for the XSurf500 software, I'm okay with manually installing it on that particular machine only.

  • Please check

    If your ACA500plus is a bit older and you never did updates, the network install disk is just not in the flash. What you then need to do is to run the latest menu update and the "network installer" update (no matter what order, just make sure to do both updates). This will give you the installer menu, which then has the "network install" option. That's exactly the software that can be downloaded for installing on the old ACA500 (non-plus). And it'll spare me the work of locating your order and making the download available again :-)