Aca 500+ and Vampire 1200

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  • Do you think it is possible to use Vampire V1200 with ACA500+ on Amiga 500?

    I have no information about that card, other than it's not using a genuine processor, which doesn't make it "retro" in our definition. If you connect anything to the ACA500plus, I recommend to look for a product liability insurance that the vendor provides.

  • So the Turbo Chameleon isn’t a retro product either?

    Some would say anything with a VGA output is retro. The design of the Chameleon is now 10 years old, is that enough time passed for it to become retro? Dunno. Maybe we should call these things "retro-compatible" products, until enough years have passed.

  • So the Turbo Chameleon isn’t a retro product either?

    By that definition, it's far from retro, correct. However, Vampire and Chameleon have different goals: Chameleon has the ultimate goal of operating cycle-exact with all illegal opcodes in order to be 100% (not just 99,999%) compatible with the original. Chameleon does NOT create a new platform.

    Vampire on the other hand creates a new platform by making a new CPU that runs a part of the Amiga software (my guess would be up to 30%, as many non-game and non-demo titles can live with CPU inaccuracies).

  • Hello angelomilone1976 i used a Vampire in my A2000 once, all my other cards stopped working. The autoconfig was missing in the Vampire so compatibility was zero in my case. However could be that those things have been fixed with the 1200 model. So you just have to by it and try it, i guess.

    The 1260Blizzard works like a charm on my ACA500Plus, but then again Phase5/DCE were the fastest cards around those days. Anyway i am waiting on the ACA2000, then that 1260 will get a decent fit for once :-D.