Can the TC output 15kHz 50/60Hz s-video too ?

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  • Is there a place on the TC PCB where I can pull either composite or s-video signals ? I am asking because I want to connect my TC to a TV. Or will this be a problem since the output from the TC is 31kHz and not 15kHz (correct me if I am wrong).

  • I agree, a TV-compatible (interlaced) PAL/NTSC standard RGB-out signal would be great, we could enjoy our TC64 with SCART-equipped CRTs using a minimig VGA-to-SCART cable, which would give us a nice retro feeling...

  • Support for this would have to be provided by the respective FPGA core, and obviously also require some sort of adapter cable... while some other cores do have support for 15kHz RGB (SCART), the C64 core does have no such support yet - and probably wont have for at least until we fixed the remaining bugs.

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