ACA 1211 Crashes when using a CF card

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  • I tried the card with two different Amiga 1200 1D4 and 2B and two different PSU A500 4.5A.

    When I insert the PCMICA CF card the Amiga crashes.

    Is there something I can try before sending back for repair?

  • We "only" test with PCMCIA Ethernet cards here, and hot-plugging doesn't cause any trouble. Do you have any closer information on the CF card adapters and/or the drivers that are used to access them? The ACA1211 does introduce a new memory block near the PCMCIA space, but that's only "near", not "in" the PCMCIA space.

    Any special settings that you've made in the ACAtool? Kickstart version?

  • The error is that it couldn't get the avail memory.

    Looks like we need to contact the author of the PCMCIA CF card driver and have him do a debug session. Memory is definitely available and can be allocated through normal means of the OS.