What other peripherals than RRNET is supported on the Clockport in the TC64 ?

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  • I installed a RRNET3 module in my TC64_v2 and I am wondering: What else can I connect to the clockport of the TC board and use (i am thinking outside the box here in terms of cores).

    Since there is a lot of clockport-peripherals out there, it would be nice to expand the hardware on the tc64 with some clockport-peripherals to use in C64 cores or Amiga cores and so on.

    Anyone ?

  • Most of the Amiga hardware you can find requires a faster CPU for IRQ processing or even huge software stacks to run (such as a USB stack). The Chameleon core does not have the power to run the required software.

    The only other thing that can be operated on that port is the Silversurfer. This requires a hardware spacer, and the case needs to be open for that - needless to say that it'll only work in standalone mode, as the Chameleon does not fir the expansion port of the C64 any more with the spacer installed. I believe there's only one or two people on the planet who use that kind of setup.

  • actually, if you cut off the plastic from the flat cable... it fits (tight) into the closed case. its a bit fiddly, but it works :) (you'll have to route the cable outside somehow and cut away some plastic off the case)

  • I'm not actually using it :) I just installed a Silversurfer for testing a while ago when someone (i think it was Pcollins) was looking for someone to try some things.

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