X Surf 500 communication issue

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  • It was working a few months ago, but right now I cannot connect to anything using my X Surf 500. I can ping it's own interface, I can also ping the X Surf 500 from a PC but I cannot ping anything on my network from the Amiga. Weird? What am I missing? Just to be clear, I have tested the gateway,, and other PCs that I can ping from other devices.

  • If you get a Ping-response from the Amiga, the hardware itself is OK, as packets are passing both ways. Firther, DHCP must be working, otherwise you wouldn't even have a valid IP address in your local network. Still, just to exclude a hardware problem in your switch or router, I'd try to move the network cable to a different port of your switch.

    Had an update to your router recently? Maybe a hickup with IPv4 to IPv6 transition? Local firewall settings, maybe a (new) requirement of allowing the MAC address to initiate communication in your network?

  • I gues this can be a lot of things like firewalls, Antivirus, incorrect gateway (for multiple subnets) preventing a ping response.

    Did you try to ping an address on the internet like or

    Another long shot, my previous switch i used in my man-cave got upset when using 10mbit devices after a day or so. Then all kind of weird things like this happend. After a reset everything was ok again for a while. Afcource i retired this switch.

  • Yeah so it appears to have been the bridge a created using a PC. (I didn't have a switch near the Amiga.) However I thought of that first and removed the cable from the bridge and plugged the XSurf directly into the wall and it still didn't go. I tried again a while later and it worked. The only thing I can surmise is that I didn't reboot the Amiga when I switched it back. the first time.

  • I am revisiting this because the same issue has come back, but now I am plugged into a switch. At first it was working then a while later I tried to communicate and I couldn't, rebooting did not help. I'm testing further, but it I am wondering if it's losing connection after prolonged use.

  • Yes, the LED is lit. And yes it does light up again when unplugged and plugged in. But there is no doubt that it just stops after certain amount of use. I used it for several hours on the weekend without issue. Then went into a bunch of other programs. I came back to needing network access again and no go. Same issue as stated above. I can ping the interface from the CLI. I can also ping the interface from other devices on the network. But I can't connect to anything from the Amiga. A reboot does not fix it. I have to leave it off for a while. Very strange.....

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