My RapidRoad broke down. :(

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  • I did not get from the automatic translation that you have a tower case with lots of extra stuff in the computer.

    A DC-DC converter for the 5V of RapidRoad may really do the trick, if it starts up fast enough. The key would be that the 5V of the DC-DC converter come up at the same time or before the 5V of the main computer. If the 5V rail of the PSU comes up before the 5V from the DC-DC converter, you may see latch-up again.

  • Thanks then I will buy a small DC-DC converter I have already identified another one on e-bay from 3A and I will do a test connecting it before powering the RapidRoad; with the oscilloscope I will verify that the 5V of the DC-DC converter is present simultaneously or before the primary one of the Computer

    Thanks again

  • Hi Jens

    For the moment I have ordered a new RapidRoad, as soon as I receive it I will send the failed one for repair.


    Luigi Strada (

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