I broke the USB cable. How to replace/repair?

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  • I was too aggressive with my Amiga disassembly today and accidentally pulled one of the wires out of the rapidroad usb cable (the end that connects to the rapidroad board). im unsure how to stick the wire back into the hole and keep it there. Can someone please tell me how to properly repair that or what the part is called so I can order myself a replacement part? Thanks

  • The wire terminals are quite delicate - if you have ripped them out of the plastic insulator, they have most likely suffered damage. They normally have a small spring-like metal part that clicks into the plastic and holds the terminal in place.

    If you have a good camera, please upload a picture, maybe it's not beyond repair. I could of course sell you a new cable, but let's see if there's a chance to repair yours first.

  • I have a soldering iron. But I'm not sure how to solder this back without melting the plastic. Is there a demonstration video somewhere I can use to learn the proper technique?

  • But I'm not sure how to solder this back without melting the plastic.

    You push the terminal out first - there's a small part exposed at the side of the connector. If you push that in, the terminal will move out freely into the direction of the wire.

  • Thanks for your help but I managed to accidentally cause more damage to it because I was reckless. Can I please be sold a replacement or be guided to someone else who can supply them? Thanks a lot

  • Ah - not a direct customer. That means I don't have your address data. Please send me an eMail with your details, so I can make out an invoice. I thought we can skip the step of taking down your details if you've ordered from us before.

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