A sneak peek at the ACA1240/1260 cooling system

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  • So what, as long as it can be faster, cheaper and compatible.

    I mean, isn't the whole point of the ACA1240 & 60 that they use a real, original Motorola 68k CPU? If you are fine with an intel CPU inside your amiga, vampire accelerators are already available.

  • Right - ACA1240/1260 is aiming at compatibility, not speed (although it'll be faster than the Phase 5 and 3-State accelerators from the 1990s). There will be a surprise or two in terms of compatibility, but that's not fully developed yet :-)

  • I suppose that those masterpieces will consider an RTG and full compatibility with Indivision.

    I would also like to ask similar question. Will 1260 have basic RTG with P96 like Warp1260 has, only with additional place for advanced graphic module? Or there will be not RTG at all with only place left for module? Its crucial for me because I am getting interested in RTG coding, so by now I am considering V1200 or Warp1260, but I want to wait until end of the year to see what ACA1260 will offer..

  • RTG is an option; there is a high-speed connector at the back of the board.

    As for "RTG coding", there is nothing special you need to learn. That would be plain OS programming, and the RTG package (P96) does the re-directing for you.

  • Are all cards going to have active cooling, or maybe the slowest 040 passive?

    We'll put the cooler and fan on all cards, no matter what CPU speed we'll ship it with. The good news is that there is a very precise temperature sensor and intelligent fan control that can regulate the fan speed down to zero, so lowest-possible noise is possible.

    That said, the 040-25 generates more heat than the 68060-50, and the 040 is actually the CPU type I've made all the effort for. The 060 only requires cooling at extreme overclocking speeds and increased core voltages.

  • Hi Jens, can you tell us the detailled features of the ACA1260 yet? It seems, a lot of people are currently preparing their wallets 😉. And as you wrote in June, the Warp1260 will be below the ACA, can you describe, how the ACA will be better?

  • can you describe, how the ACA will be better?

    I guess I have already given away one feature that's pretty unique in last thursday's comment about core voltage and overclocking of 060s - that's tested-positive, and it will be in the final version. However, there's some more things that still need testing, and a decision about a feature being in or not can only be made after it has been fully tested.

    The ACA1240/1260 mainly aims at compatibility. I don't like the idea of limiting the machine to "performance only"-applications by installing an accelerator.

  • Out of interest, how does this compare in size to the AC1233n cards? I'm planning on getting one of these for my ACA500Plus and wonder if it'll fit inside my Plexilaser case with a VGA and Network port already installed.

  • The ACA1240/1260 is 26mm longer than the ACA1220/1232/1233/1233n, and the heat sink of course requires additional height - not just because of the heat sink itself, but also due to the socket that's under the CPU.

  • Very much looking forward to seeing the full feature set of this card (interested in 060) and release date. What is the best place to track release date and will there be a public announcement here for pre order? How can I make sure I don’t miss out? :) Thx.