PCMCIA Ethernet adapter treated as FAST RAM

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  • Hi

    Having had a successfull run with Roadshow and a Linksys PCMCIA to Ethernet adapter (cnet.device) with my ACA1221ec the ethernet adapter is suddenly showing up as fast ram!

    I used to have the 8mb standard fast ram but now Workbench boots up to 11mb of fast ram. Prepcard confirms the Ethernet adapter is indeed treated as ram.

    Anyone got any clues as to how this has happened and how I can resolve the issue?

  • Sounds like a Kickstart quirk. The ACA1221ec does not alter any of the PCMCIA routines. The "PCMCIA patch" is solely for keeping the PCMCIA slot active, but it does not mess with it's functionality at all.

  • Thank you Jens. Good to know the ACA1221ec is not to blame here, then I can look elsewhere for a fix.

    For anyone who experience the same issue, this has been my temporary solution. As this only happens when cold booting with the adapter inserted in the PCMCIA slot, simply do a cold boot without the adapter and then insert the card. After a soft reboot the adapter will be recognized for what it is. For reference, the adapter is a Linksys 10Mbit Integrated ethernet PC Card as sold by RetroReady and others.

    In the meantime I will look for a permanent fix.

    Ps. While it may look like a benefit to get those additional 3 megs of ram off of the adapter, interesting things happen when the computer starts to address that chunk of memory :D

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