Random joystick issues with Indivision ECS V2

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  • Howdy,

    ECS V2, ACA500plus, AC1233, ACE2

    NTSC Rev 5 Amiga 500

    So I noticed trying to play Shadow Of The Beast (1, 2 or 3) from WHDLoad or from disk that when I'm using the Indivision that I'm getting up directions even with no joystick connected.

    It's fairly constant and disabling various items from the chain (AC1233 or ACA500plus) changes the nature of how often it happens but still happens. The only time it stops it seems is when reduce everything back pure 68000 at 7mhz. I have also tried a few of the joystick testers and other games and I haven't found other situations where it's apparent. So far just during those Shadow Of The Beast games.

    However if I replace the ECS V2 with the original OCS Denise then I have no problems at any speed at all. I did some research and noticed that in the German forums there was talk about timing issues that could cause this and it was resolved. I guess a further timing change is necessary for the NTSC Rev 5 board perhaps?

    Let me know if there is any other information you need from me.


  • Please do the latest FPGA updates to the unit; we've fixed these timing issues months ago. Just download the latest config tool and save a config once, this will also give you the latest FPGA image (it's in the config tool, so no possibility to mix files).

  • For the FPGA updates do you mean firmware 05162019? I have applied that already via the tool provided on the wiki. If there's another step I could be overlooking please let me know and I'll try it out.

    Thank you!


  • Just as an addendum, I've noticed it happening with Wrath Of The Demon, Castlevania and a few more.

    I noticed in the German forums there was mention an rbf file update from January, however I just purchased the ECS v2 in the last couple of weeks. Would it have that FPGA load that you are speaking of?



  • I just purchased the ECS v2 in the last couple of weeks. Would it have that FPGA load that you are speaking of?

    The QC procedure was not changed in a long time, so even the ones that are shipped today will have an old FPGA core installed.

    If the new version does not help, we need to dig deeper. Please open the computer, remove the floppy drive and take a picture of the multiplexer chip that's under the drive, near the joystick/mouse ports. Maybe it was replaced with a "similar type" in the past which behaves different.

  • OK, we'll try to replicate the issue here with an ACE2 in that NTSC board. Might take till next week as I have a boatload of work right now. If you can spare the time, please try to replicate the bug with one of the old Agnus types, as that will give us valuable hints.

    Just for completeness, and because your system is fairly high-loaded: What's the power supply you're using?

  • I am using the original Amiga PSU, it's had no modifications to date that I know of.

    Sure no problem on the time, I'll see about using the other Agnus chips and get that information for you.

    Let me know if I can help any other way