Latest Picasso96 and Mediator drivers

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  • I've recently updated my Picasso96 to the latest v2.4.3, and noticed that in the Libs/Picasso96 directory, two brand new 3dfxVoodoo.chip and Mediator.card files have appeared. Well, maybe they're not really brand new and I've never noticed them before, but since the installer didn't show me Voodoo as gfx card option during the installation process, being the owner of a Mediator+Voodoo combo I was wondering if they're intended to eventually replace the Voodoo.card I once downloaded from Elbox?

    Thank you!

  • At this point we have to guess: Since Elbox did their development based on a GPL'd driver (that was originally never meant to be GPL'd), they probably had to publish sources at some point.

    The source codes are not part of my agreement with Abt&Kneer, but I got hold of the sources somehow. If the GPL part is true, I might have to publish the sources myself, but I'd rather not take any responsibility for these drivers. Do the files work for you? How do they compare to the files that come with Mediator? I don' t have one to test...

  • Hey Jens,

    and thanks a lot for your reply!

    I could clearly do some trial and error to figure out how these new drivers work, but if you could give me some hints on how to configure the Mediator.card to work together with the 3dfxVoodoo.chip I'd really appreciate them.

    AFAIR making the Elbox driver work with the official Picasso96 installation was a bit of a hack, in that you had to install another gfx card and then rename files, maybe I should try copying their same approach...

  • Like I wrote, I don't have a Mediator, and I really don't want one. Since I have only seen a Mediator in the flesh "fully installed" at meetings, I don't have any experience in setting them up either. This is really the wrong place to discuss Mediator things, I'm afraid.