Keyrah and C128

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  • Hello

    In the shop it says:
    The Kerah can be made compatible with C128 by mounting

    additional "connections". What are these additional connections?
    Where can I buy them?



  • For the C128D, it's just adding a DB25 connector which is available in almost any electronics parts store or online shop. If you want to connect a plain C128 keyboard, it's going to be a bit harder, as the pin spacing is exactly the same as a D-Sub connector, which is *very* unusual for pin headers. What I did for the deveopment version was to remove pins from the unsulator of a regular 0.1" pin header, plased them one by one in the C128 keyboard connector, then held that on the PCB and soldered it. You need to be very careful not to use too much solder, as the pins may get stuck in the connector forever :-)

  • I did something similar, but I cut the pins, plastic and all, into individual pins, inserted them into the plug and into the PCB and then soldered them. Worked really well.


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