Order stuck Pending Payment

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  • Greetings,

    I recently (10th October) placed an order and proceeded to pay using PayPal.

    However I received and email stating: Your order ID 64152 at icomp.de is awaiting payment.

    I've left it five days to see if the problem resolves, however it does not seems so looking at my orders.

    PayPal have confirmed that the payment was sent:

    "You've sent a payment of €225.92 EUR to individual Computers Jens Schoenfeld GmbH"

    And it does show up against my account. I'm imagining that this is just a software glitch and it just needs a prod.

    Thank you for your time.

  • I've sent an eMail informing you about a wrong shipping address - you might need to check your spam filter. You've entered "Germany" as country, so the payment is short for a shipment to Canada.

  • Thank you for responding Jens,

    I’ve checked my inbox and spam but sadly I can’t find an email. Sorry for the inconvenience but would you mind resending please, so that I can rectify this.

    Additionally I’ve checked and my profile address for the shop is set to United Kingdom, I have also checked the address logged in PayPal and that one does indeed state Germany. My apologies I don’t quite know what I did wrong during the checkout process.

    I can’t seem to find a way to view/change the order from Germany to United Kingdom.
    I appreciate your a busy person and I’m embarrassed to put you out like this.


  • As way as try to assist with my mess up I’ve placed an order number 64438 with the correct address hoping this is the path of least resistance in paying the correct delivery to the UK.
    The 5 pin din is not required, please consider the nominal amount for this as a minor contribution for my mess up.

    Incidentally I discovered how I went wrong previously, when using an iPad and selecting the county immediately after selecting the country drop down reverted the country’s value to its original value, I check and it doesn’t happen on a real computer also clicking away after selecting the drop down before selecting the next input field also resolved the issue. So I’m at fault for not being diligent in checking before proceeding. Again my apologies.

  • That indeed made it simple - I have refunded the extra money and wrote the shipping instruction.

    Please double-check if you have received any eMails at all from the shop system - make sure to have @icomp.de-addresses in your whitelist. The tracking number will be sent to your address later today.