DiagRom v1.2 in ACA500+

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  • I have a newer 2018+ ACA500plus connected to a 1987-88 Rev.5 motherboard with Full OCS configuration, and onboard Kickstart 1.2 ROM.

    I am trying to write the 512KB DiagRom v1.2 ROM in one of the slots of the ACA500plus ROM slots, which writes okay, but when I go into the boot menu to chose that ROM, I don't see it displayed there.

    I have tried the same thing on another 2018+ ACA500plus connected to a Rev.6a motherboard, and DiagROM shows up perfectly fine in the custom ROM screen in the boot menu.

    Am I missing something here?



  • no, the one that is giving me problems is the one that has the updated 0.135 menu version. The aca500plus that works fine had the older latest menu version, which I since updated to 0.135, but i didn't try to replicate the problem on it.

    i will do so when I get home.