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  • Hello,

    I finally go around too connecting my ACA500Plus yesterday and it worked great.:thumbup:

    I then disconnected it and in my haste stupidly connected it upside down.

    The Amiga 500 I used still boots to Kickstart pic and another Amiga 500 works the same.

    On both my Amiga 500's the ACA500plus starts with the cycling LED on the dismo then counts up to 6

    then gives me an E5 message with diaognal green lines on screen.

    Im guessing ive killed something,Is this an easy repair.

    I'm in Australia so postage is a pain but im willing to pay all costs if its repairable.

    Thanks in Advance


  • That depends on the version you have - is it the current version with the small 68sec000 CPU that is guaranteed to work up to 21MHz (big DisMo), or the previous version with 68ec000 CPU that is guaranteed to work up to 14MHz (small DisMo)?

    The new 68sec000 version has two protection diodes that limit the damage if connected upside-down. The older version would be a lot harder to repair, as the 9572 CPLD and the DisMo need to be exchanged. On the newer version, only two resistors near the 86-pin connector need to be exchanged (labelled "resistors of shame").

  • Hi Jens,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I can see no resistors near the connnector labeled 'resistors of Shame' so I guess its the older one.

    The DisMo display is 25mm wide x 19mm High and the 68SEC000 is approximately 13.85mm Square.

    The CPU is marked MC68SEC000F010



  • OK, you have the new version, and there are resistors of shame. Look at the corner between the 86-pin connector and the CF card slots: The two big black rectangular parts are the protection diodes and the two small parts at the bottom left of the trashcan symbol are the resistors of shame. The label is under the connector's pins, might be hard to read.

    Replace the two resistors with new 22R resistors, and the board is going to work again. Any technician should be able to do that.

  • Hi Jens,

    You were correct, 1 of the resistors of shame had been killed.

    I replaced that one and card booted straight up again.

    Thank you so much for your help.



  • Code
    1. Hello, on my 2 Aca500plus the platoon game never works (CRASH WITH WHITE SCREEN) as well the original floppy disk into original drive or with the game under WHDLoad but without ACA500PLUS the game works correctly with of course orginal disk...
    2. With Orginal Disk in DF0 drive on my A500 Rev6.A with Kickcstart 1.3, I Use Standard A500 Profile Menu with Kickstart 1.3 with 512+512k. When you start the game in the jungle after a few seconds this message start and you need to restart the amiga.
    3. With WHDLOAD at game start this message will come :
    4. Exception "Illegal Instruction" ($E010) at $8766 occurred .... but with my real A1200 all works correctly...
  • I'd expect the original game to require the trapdoor memory expansion - you should not disable that, and you should not enable 1M Chipram, as that was unlikely back in the days.

    Other than that, why not install WHDload for your ACA500plus? That usually wipes away all compatibility trouble.