TC64 V1 having issues with version Beta 9H resolved with version Beta9i

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  • TC64 V1 having issues with version Beta 9H resolved with version Beta9i

    I had a message from a while, that seems to have been deleted.

    I had TC64 that had garbage on the screen and SD card failing (which worked fine up until then, card still worked in RetroReplay).I was going to ship it back for repairs and life got in the way, for a bit. so the box never got shipped.

    I unpacked it again, when I logged into the support website and saw version 9i released a little while ago.

    When I powered the device up after being off for so long, its still had the issues in 9h. I removed it for the c64, hooked it up to a PC, chaco and 9i. And now the TC64 works exactly as it should. The card was readable and worked, there was no boot screen with garbage characters. Everything looks good.

    My slots with the HWtest and Amiga Emulation no longer work they just boot to a c64 basic screen, but I assume I have to reload them.. correct?

  • THe 9i upate should not have messed with other cores in other slots. The Minimig core does leave the C64 in a plain Basic prompt if I remember right, but the C64 won't show Amiga outüput anyway - only the VGA monitor does. Is that connected?