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  • please help me! bought aca500plus. and I do not know how to record games on the second cf-card. In what format to record? Was writing adf files-workbench shows error. can you give me detailed instructions? Thank you!

  • The Aux card is not really designed just to dump games on, but more as an easy way to transfer data between your Amiga and PC or Mac. Of course you can play games and run programs on it if you choose to.

    If you want to play .ADF files from your Amiga and ACA500+, you will need a program to mount .ADF files on your Amiga. Imagemount is one such program, and it works on 68000 chips.

    You can then keep your ADF files on your AUX card, or copy them to your main card, and mount the .ADF files so they show up as actual disks on your Amiga. Keep in mind a lot of Amiga disks require to be booted right from the game disk - not playable from Workbench, In this case you have really two choices - get a Gotek drive and boot the game ADF files from there, or make a real Amiga floppy from the .ADF. There are several tools on Aminet for converting ADF files to real disks, TGSUtils is one that works well, devcopy is another.

  • Don't go for ADF - that's just the same mess we've had back in the days with lots of disks. The ACA500plus has enough power to run WHDload, and the installer does all the required things in terms of installing "everything required for WHDload".

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