idefix97 board issue.

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  • hi, I think i have a faulty board, not sure if can be sent for testing or repair? I've never used it, it's just been sat until last week, in original packet.

    If I use a Cf adapter after a hour or so it becomes ndos. If using an hdd all us good. However as soon as I try to plug a CD or hdd into port 1 the 1200 will not boot. It will hang on a black screen.

    Un plugging port 1 the machine will boot from the hdd fine no issues. If port 1 is the only device connected it boosts.

    If I boot from floppy when 2 devices are connected, no devices at all are recognised. And he toolbox Locks up when scanning.

    Is my board faulty?

  • OK, that's a unit we've manufactured. That velcro tape points to the unit being delivered from Eyetech, who purchased these at a drastically reduced price as they did their own product support.

    The 2.5" connector looks pretty mangled at the top, and that's where the power is passed to the device. If your CF card adapter is connected there, I can imagine that it does not get sufficient power and therefore loses data. You might want to remove the velcro and see if the power trace to the 2,5" connector is in good condition.

    However, there's a number of possible reasons for loss of data. First of all, if your CF card is larger than 4G and you're using all that space, you MUST use a 64-bit file system. The easiest way to get support for large mass-storage devices is to buy Hyperion's Amiga OS V3.1.4.

    For your trouble with CD-devices, it may just be a power issue, or a flipped cable. I remember I found at least one drive that keeps the computer from booting when I made the Buddha 20-year anniversary edition. The same might happen in your case.

  • Thanks. The adapter was only opened cpl days ago, i prob did the pins removing cable. I will try another psu and board. The cf was fine for days direct to mobo, then less than an hour on card it stopped being read. It 1.5gb