aca500Plus cannot run profile with 68000 while aca1233n plugged in

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  • Hi,

    I noticed this yesterday, I hadn't tried booting a profile using the 68000 since installing the aca1233n. Choosing any profile with the 68000 selected, even one with defaults set, results in the following screen and the code E0 displayed on the LED display. Note this happens even when no CF card or floppy is inserted.

    Booting the same profile with aca1233n physically removed works fine. Additionally the system and aca1233n works great together when the 68030 is selected in the aca500 profile. Please help.



  • ccortner

    Changed the title of the thread from “aca500Plus can run profile with 68000 while aca1233n plugged in” to “aca500Plus cannot run profile with 68000 while aca1233n plugged in”.
  • This appears to be a software bug, but before we can fix it, I'd like to know which version of the ACA1233n you have - is it the new one with IDE speeder (which won't be activated on the ACA500plus), or is it the old one without jumper wires on the card?

  • One of these cards is aleady on it's way to the programmer, so he should be able to reproduce the bug as soon as the parcel arrives (should be arriving in just a few days).

  • This thread also lost a few posts - database hickup, see news.

    Meanwhile, the new card has arrived with the programmer, bug is reproduced and a fix is already found. We'll now wrap up a few things and hope to provide a new firmware version for the ACA500plus early next week.

  • The new firmware fixes it for me, great work :)

    The stealth mode reverts everything back to the 'base' A500 which is lovely to see. I can't find a way to get out of 68000 mode back into '030' mode without doing a power cycle - the menu option is red. Am I missing something?

  • Am I missing something?

    While the "new" ACA1233n has the basic capability to do that (the previous version couldn't), the menu system does not support it at the moment. There's a few more things to take care of, as the menu system would be really confused if the CPU "magically" changes. I can't promise if this switch-back will ever make it into the menu system.

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