ACA1233n problems

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  • The "bottom left" and "top right" pin of the unpopulated oscillator place for the FPU are a good place for measuring the supply voltage. It should be 5V.

    Since your card has been tested successfully here, you may need to dig deeper; you may have a ground loop or some other grounding problem with your computer. Try to remove most of the connections you have with your computer, especially Audio connections, as these are most prone to ground loops.

    Is the wiring in your house 2-wire or 3-wire (with separate ground)? And what about the PSU, is that grounded? Do you have EMI sources such as a mobile phone or a wireless router near the computer(s)?

    Hello again,

    I'm still working on this one.

    To eliminate external problems with electricity, psu, EMI sorces and such I have sent the aca to an elite amiga user with much more knowledge about electronics and he has tested the card with 3 different Amiga 1200 and has 5 volt on the aca card and he gets the same issues with the aca1233n with all three amigas. I have attached a screenshot of a memorytest.

    He is planning to do more tests but there must be something wrong with the card that didn't show when you tested it. Maybe a bad connection somewhere on the card. I'll get back with more information when he's made more tests.