Returned ACA1233n for repairs to edge connector on 15.08.19

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  • Hi, I returned my ACA1233n card back for repairs and replacement of the edge connector on 15.08.19 as per jens instructions, I received an email back from him regarding the board being out of warranty

    I have had two emails from jens, one of which cc'd amigakit in on the conversation

    I explained what the damage was, and that it was purely self inflicted by me, and as the card was no longer under warranty, I informed you to let me know how much the repairs would be so i could get the funds to you via paypal or other means.

    Since then I have heard nothing, I have emailed jens but no replies or response, and amigakit haven't had any replies yet either.

    Could someone please let me know the repair status of my card,


    Paul Armstrong

  • Your card is in the shop waiting for a free time slo. Removing the 150-pin connector is a tedious job; you should not cram that into the 5 minutes before going home.

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