Amiga Powersupplies

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  • Didnt find any better place to ask. There is one thing i simple dont now about the original PSU's.

    I have several of the following commodore PSU's :

    - A500 4.5 Amp as 5volt 1 Amp on 12 volt

    - A300 (A1200/A600) with 3 Amp on 5 volt and 500 mAmp on 12 volt.

    Should i use the A500 model on an A1200 with Rapid road, ACA1233 and Indivision AGA MK2 or can i just as safe use the original A300 psu as supplied by commodore for the A1200?

    Mostly i read that the 4.5Amp is preferred when extra hardware like an accelerator is added. But i can also imagine that modern hardware like the ACA1233 use less power to operate as long as the PSU is in good maintained condition.

    If this is the case, then i will get the A300 PSU recapped too.

  • The 4.5A version is indeed preferred. However, without precise measurements, I can't give a definitive go/no-go for the 3A version. I personally test with a 3A unit (labelled A600, not A300), and that test/development machine uses an Indivision AGA MK2, Randy-ROM, Lyra 2 and a Micromys by default (machine is open all the time). The new versions of the ACA1233n (including the 55MHz version) were developed on that setup.

    Re-capping is always a good idea, but please make sure to either meet or exceed the voltage and temperature rating of the caps.

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