ACA1233n not working correctly.

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  • I've had an ACA1233n for a while now. It's worked, then caused me problems, then works again. I don't keep my 1200 up and running all the time, so I've not actually got to use it that much over the past year or so.

    I set everything up yesterday. Everything was working fine. I went to install EasyNet Pro, and then everything started to go wrong.

    So I pulled everything off. The 1200 boots up fine as stock. I put the ACA1233n back on. All I get is a black screen, take it off again. The 1200 works fine. I've tried the moving the ACA1233n back 1-2mm etc, but that does help, and besides, it had been working anyways.

    I've stripped the whole 1200 down now, and come to notice that the parts E123C and E125C are still there on my v1B board.

    I bought it brand new, and have used it very little, for short bursts (an hour or so) at a time, a few days at a time. With months of the 1200 just sat on a shelf.

    I've purchased a second 1200, the ACA1233n doesn't work on it either. I've got a modern PSU, so it shouldn't be the problem.

    Hopefully this can be solved, and it's still under warranty? Since, I've actually hardly ever used it.

  • (I've signed up to the forum now)

    EDIT 1: I forgot to mention, I'm using Amiga OS, and have the 3.1.4 ROM chips installed in my 1200.

    EDIT 2: I've removed the E123C and E125C caps this morning, and sadly the ACA1233n is still stopping my Amiga from showing a picture. Also, I've double checked my emails, I only bought this card new from AmigaKit back in November 2018. In that time, I've actually hardly used my Amiga 1200.

    EDIT 3: I've sent an email to AmigaKit through their website. Since their system doesn't send an email back saying they've got the email, I'm making a note of it here.

  • I've got a modern PSU, so it shouldn't be the problem.

    What kind of PSU is that? I haven't found any "modern" PSU that's really suitable. The general recommendation is to use the original ones, and do some maintenance on them if required. If your PSU is from one of the two "new" sources that use unsuitable PSU chassis (one from Poland, the other from Spain), then I highly recommend to not use it.

    I've sent an email to AmigaKit through their website.

    We are not AmigaKit - they are a reseller. And yes, they should do support for you, but now that you're here, we should first find out what the computer does with the original PSU.

  • Thank for replying.

    The modern PSU is one from Poland sold by the ebay seller electroware_pl.

    After the 1200 sitting on my desk for more than 36 hours of not touching it, as I left it the other day. Nothing plugged in apart from the modern PSU, video, keyboard, gotek and the ACA1233n. I powered it up, and again nothing happened.

    I did as you recommended, and changed to yet another PSU. (I had tried the PSU that came with the 1200 as well.) I dug out an old heavy 500 PSU. I powered up, and the 1200 started working. I didn't move the ACA1233n around or anything. I soft reset, and held the two mouse buttons down, and it sees the ACA1233n again.

    So in the off chance I tried the modern PSU again, and it still worked.

    I've had this before though where it'll work for a while, then stop, then work again. I guess I'll look into seeing if I can get someone to recap the 500 PSU.

    I will do testing at the weekend.

    Thank you.

  • this means that the CPLDs haven't suffered a latch-up (yet). You might want to retire the Polish PSU; it does not have a sense wire and depending on the version, it may even output a too-low voltage, causing the system to become unstable. We've had discussions about that in other threads, and the maker of that PSU even admitted that he didn't know what sense wire technology is :-)

  • In that case I will retire the Polish PSU. A damn shame he's still getting away with selling something that by what you're saying, doesn't come up to par. If anything, people are getting recommended them!

  • Well, I've been working on it over the weekend. Even with the old power supply. The ACA seems to be working for a while, then gets bored and gives up. I'm sometimes given a yellow screen, when it crashes and tries again.

    I've tried it on a second 1200, and the same problem happens.

    Amigakit haven't even bothered to respond to the email I sent.

    As of this morning, I can't even get it to turn on correctly again. It's just giving me the blank screen again.

  • If AmigaKit does not respond to your support requests, you better return the card for a refund (right of revocation) and choose your source for Amiga stuff more carefully for the next purchase. We're here to help, but when it comes to direct service (=you ship directly back to us), you need to be a direct customer.

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