Writing errors on USB sticks

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  • Hi,

    i bought a clockport RR for my main 1200 lately to exchange files thru USB sticks, and it was i believe working well, no complaint.

    Now i try to copy large amount of small files from my CF card to USB sticks with Dopus (system backup), and randomly i face writing errors on the USB stick. I tried several sticks, tried different sizes, tried reformat (from pc and/or WB), different allocation options, but i cant have it working. After this writing errors come, the complete system freezes, and i need manual reboot. I sometime lose the complete USB stick content, and need to restart from empty stick, but if i don't, i then constantly have both read and writing errors on the stick.

    Maybe there is a parameter somewhere i can play with in massstorage class or transfert speed something?

    My system is quite exotic: A1200+NEW rom 3.1.4+Blizzard1230MkIV+FPU+128Mo+Double CF reader (Master/Slave)+Indivision MkiiCR+sumUSB+USB/PS2 Mouse board+DSS8 Sampler+ProMIDI interface+Gotek FD0+External DF1.

    System: Workbench so many programs installed (exclusively used for music composing & Midi Controls in a professional Studio)

    The RapidRoad is the last addon to the system, and i'm waiting for a FastAta Board to add a dvd burner.

    Sorry for that long description but i guess with such a system there are many potential roots to my issue ?

    Thank for reading...cheers.

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