Lyra 3 for Amiga 1200 documentation

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  • Hi,

    I recently purchased a Lyra 3 for my Amiga 1200 from AmigaKit, as I plan to use an Amiga 3000 keyboard onmy towered Amiga.

    I've read that the Lyra 3 was able to do that after closing a jumper on the board. Unfortunately, the product only came with a very short documentation, which doesn't explain where the jumper is, and the URL for the documentation forwards to nothing helpful (

    Could you please tell me where I can download the full documentation for the Amiga 1200 variant of the Lyra 3, and most important, how I can locate the jumper on the Lyra board?

    Thank you!

  • Yes, I saw this page, but it doesn’t mention where the jumper physically is on the board, and this is the main information I’m looking for.

  • Jens

    Closed the thread.