MK2 and Mssiah cartridge

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  • Hi all,

    I’m trying to use the Mssiah cartridge but after power on the usual basic prompt appears. On a classic machine, no problem.

    Maybe it’s due to a particular protection boot routine against dump, but I wonder if it could be fixed just to use my original cartridge.

    Just for information, same happens on Ultimate64, that’s why I guess it’s regarding a non-standard bootchain.

  • I have actually tested mssiah with the MK2 and it worked for me... *shrug*.

    you can try the workaround for MK1... press and hold reset, then power on, release reset. (might be easier with a reset button added to the userport, for example)

    really surprising behaviour though, because as said, i have tested it. another shoot in the dark: are you using the original ROMs? if not, try doing that.

  • Nothing to do.

    I tried the following:

    - With 1xArmSID

    - With 2xArmSID: KO

    - With 1xoriginal SID: KO

    - With 2xoriginal SIDS: KO

    - Reverted to the original FW 20171114: KO

    - Reupdated to latest 20180227 FW: KO

    As I said before, on a standard machine the MSSIAH cartridge starts.