ACA1221EC/LC ?

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  • Hi,

    I can see that the ACA1221EC is in stock again.

    But Jens, you mentioned the ACA1221LC was due to be released soon.

    What are the differences, is it worth waiting ?


  • The ACA1221LC is delayed; we have huge problems in mass-production because the CPUs need manual re-soldering for almost all boards. This was a batch of partly used and partly new 68ec020 processors, all QFP. I did not expect that these CPUs solder so badly.

    As a result, the ACA1221LC will be more expensive than the ACA1221EC. By how much, I can't say yet. We need to test/repair all boards before I have a number.

    The basic technical data is the same: 68ec020 CPU and 16MB physical memory. One difference is that the base frequency is lowered to 80MHz, so the standard/guaranteed frequency is lowered to 26.67MHz.

    I have already mentioned on the A1K forum many moths ago that I will attempt to add a sync 14MHz mode to the ACA1221LC - now that I know that the ACA1221LC production is even more expensive than ACA1221EC, I have set this as a main goal, so there's really something "new" for this board that justifies the added EURs.

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