One week after, Rapidroad already dead ?

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  • Hello, I received my Rapidroad and installed last week (A600 + A604n + RTC + Indvision v2 + Furia). Since this morning, it does not work anymore (Poseidon does not see it anymore). There is no more LED enabled. FYI, I use a C64PSU power supply. On the warranty, it is marked / TLWt. Can you tell me the procedure to follow for a return with refund of preference to a repair? (I did not want to spend time with something that works randomly). Thank you. Sincerely, Michael ps: order : 58336

  • My first Rapidroad also died a few days after installed. I am sure it was because of the inadecuate PSU, in my case was the Meanwell PSU.

    Since then and following the Jens recomendations I am using only the original A500 PSU (4,5A). Plugging and unplugging all kind of devices and my two RapidRoads still working perfectly.

  • FYI, I use a C64PSU power supply. that company is still selling the inadequate versions of their product, continuing to cause damage to our products.

    Please send the RR back. I have to handle this under warranty. Please have your PSU improved, especially with a sense wire, so the voltage drop on the cable is taken into account.

  • On my A600 Furia A603n..indivison V2 i had loads of problems with a Modded pc psu.......went back to my old A500(heavy type psu) And the issues vanished......I can confirm Jens Products are of high quality and have quite a few of them now.....even a older A512 works....and plan on buying a ACA500+ asap.

    A600 Furia with 020/33 9.5 meg fast...32gb SD...Pi1 Dfo: Geotec DF1:....A604n...Indivision V2...RTC....Prisma card Wirless Keyboard

    A500 rev6a project

    Xbox Classic with WinUAEX

    Rasberry PI3/Amibian

    Dell Laptop Winuae

  • Yes MarkSealey, icomp products are very good (I have 3 indivision v2, 3 A604n, a RRNet for C64 ...).

    Jens, thank you, I will send you the Rapidroad at the end of the week

    "especially with a sense wire, so the voltage drop on the cable is taken into account." ... can you explain ? what can I do ? can I use the C64PSU, with modification, or no ? I'm not sure if the original Amiga (Light PSU) can offer enough power (A600, CF Sandisk, Gotek, A604n + RTC + Indivision v2, Furia + WiFi PCMCIA + Rapidroad) ?

  • what can I do ?

    Return the PSU and demand a refund. It's not up to the task.

    can I use the C64PSU, with modification, or no ?

    No. The person making that product did write here, didn't even know what a sense wire is, and only did a minor change, not a real improvement on his product. He is obviously after the money, not after a good product.

    I'm not sure if the original Amiga (Light PSU) can offer enough power

    The "light" A500 PSU delivers 4.5A on the 5V rail, that's definitely enough.

  • Hi Jens, I made a mistake, my new (genuine 391029-03) PSU is an A600 5V 3A, 12 V 500 mA, -12 V 100 mA. Will it be enough with : CF 8 Go, Furia accelerator, A604N + RTC + Indivision ECS v2, Internal Gotek with external OLED screen, PCMCIA WiFi card, Tom+ on mouse port with a wireless mouse ? I don't want to "burn" another RR with PSU problems :-(. I will use USB keys on RR and sometime a CD-ROM drive.

  • Thank you Jens, I bought a 4.5A this week.

    Would you advise me to do a recap ?

    More generally, we must do recapping with A600, A1200 ... but what about PSU ? (Of course, electrochemical caps inside)

  • Yes, finally, a repaired RR in my mail box. Just put in my A600, everything is fine. Hope It will be OK for a very very long time with my new Genuine PSU (5V 4.5A, 12V 1A, -12V 100mA). Thank you iComp Team.

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