V Sync

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  • Are there any ECS v2 owners here with a V Sync-capable LCD monitor that have seen improvement with reducing/eliminating screen tearing?

    I am on the hunt for an inexpensive somewhat "gaming" 1920x1080 LCD that supports this but I am uncertain on the terminology.

    Is a "Freesync" monitor the same?

    There's a 2016 model from Dell ( SE2717HR) that looks like it might be a good fit.

  • I've tried to get the "FreeSync" specifications for months, but AMD never got back to me - neither calling, nor e-mailing, even a printed letter and a few personal contacts made at GamesCom did not result in any specifications about FreeSync, so just a guess: It's worth a try.

  • Hi,

    I took my complete setup to the store for a new monitor since they couldnt tell me if it would work ^^

    I got home with a Iiyama gmaster (g2530hsu). It works on all my amiga's (Indi ECs V1/V2 and AGA, CVS64-3d and spectrum 24) and also on my chameleon, but on the chameleon i have very big borders on top and bottom on this screen.

    Only downside i have is that it doesnt support 4/3 aspect ratio. But the image is in my opinion perfect , exept for some sort of ghosting when connected to the Indi ECSV2

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