MK2cr Pinout question...

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  • Hello,

    I'm in the process of making a small 'daughter card' for my Mk2cr and looking at the graphic file here for the electrical signals. I understand all of signals nomenclature except Pin 20 labeled 'Switch'. What is this signal's function? I beeped out the the connections to the DVI connector and Pin 20 doesn't appear to be electrically connected to the DVI connector (I believe it transitions to PIN 1 on the DVI cable to PCB connector, IIRC).



  • The "switch" signal goes to a GPIO pin of the DVI encoder chip, wo we *may* have the possibility to toggle it from the FPGA core side. It was meant to control a switch between a graphics card and the flicker fixer output. However, we never made such a switch, as it would cause too many questions as to why a monitor can't switch between the analogue output of a GFX card and the digital output of the flicker fixer.

    So in essence, you can safely ignore this signal, just leave it unconnected.

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