Indivision ECS V2 issues

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  • Hello. I installed the thing into an a2000. It makes artifacts on te VGA and rgb ports;

    (Link to external hoster removed - please upload pictures to the forum directly, so they are available for archive purposes)

    The workbench photo is in ntsc mode. The state of the art photos are in pal mode. I played with different vga modes with no luck. Also checked that indy is sitting well on the socket (with the riser that came in box) and grounded.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Thank you :)

  • First picture shows the NTSC-comb pattern that's normally hidden in the invisible area of a CRT - nothing to worry about. It's really the way that the picture is generated, but normally invisible because it's in an extreme overscan area.

    Second and third pictures appear to have the same cause, although I'd have to test that in detail.

    You might want to update to the latest core/config tool, so we can be sure that the latest fix (combined sprite colours) is not playing tricks on us here.

    I have deleted the link to your external hoster - for archival reasons, please upload pictures to this forum (i.e. please make a user account!)

  • Thank you Jens, i didn't know about that NTSC pattern. Then I think there's nothing to worry about, i tried lots of different games and demos and is running ok.


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