Indivision ECS v2 on Paula socket adapter in non-A1000 computer

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  • This will work. I'm using such a Paula-adapter in an A500 myself, because it's the easiest way to test the "A600 configuration" of Indivision ECS V2. These are two fundamentally different operational modes of the product, and I can test both of them in the same computer using that adapter.

    Other people have been using the A1000 adapter in A2000 computers in order to move Indivision ECS out of the way of a huge 2MByte chipram expansion. For the A500, it might make sense if you want to make way for an oversized internal accelerator.

    The one thing you cannot do is to use two Indivision ECS V2 in the same computer, although mechanically possible. Only a single unit per computer is allowed.

  • Cool, so I'll have to get at least one of them. Thank you!

    One more mechanical consideration:

    If I were to place an Indivision with a Paula adapter in an A500/A2000 that I carry with me everywhere, is the Paula adapter likely to rip out the socket? Indivision is not the smallest or lightest of things to place on such a board. Any idea?

  • My guess is that it'll hold tightly in place. What you consider "not the lightest thing" is in fact very light-weight compared to the amount of force you need to remove the Paula-adapter from it's socket.

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