Could you confirm if this power supply will work?

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  • Hi there. I received my Reloaded MKII today, excited to use it but I still need to get the PSU.

    Will this PSU work?(Link to other shop removed)

    I already have too many 'wall wart' style power supplies and then having to add the euro to north america adaptor makes it too big for the space I have to plug in :)

    thank you


  • The Commodore PSU in our shop does not need any adapter - with the North American adapter fittet, ist looks like a "native" in your socket.

    I won't comment on product descriptions of other PSUs, especially when there's no technical data whatsoever (yes, it does say 12V/24W, but no word on ripple, efficiency, polarity or size of the connector).

  • When you look for a PSU, look for one that comes with a proper Datasheet and which guarantees 100mV ripple (or less). Decent ones will meet that requirement.

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