ECS V2 Amiga RGB Output

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  • Hi - I installed an ECS V2 into an NTSC 3000 with Kickstart 2.04 the other day. The VGA output works well, though lots of funky overscan issues I'm sorting out. However, the native RGB output of the Amiga is now PAL instead of NTSC. Is there a way to get the ECS V2 to behave like an NTSC Denise and output NTSC via RGB?

  • PAL or NTSC is determined by the Agnus. Every Denise supports both video standards, which is the same for the ECS V2. An "NTSC Denise" isn't a thing. Can you post a screenshot of the problem so we can have a better idea what you mean?

  • Sure thing.

    Check out the Denise.jpg. This is my 3000 with the Denise chip in the socket outputted to a 1080 monitor via RGB. Notice the screen height. The display is also a steady 60hz.

    Check the ECS.jpg. This is the same 3000 with the ECS in the Denise socket outputted to the same 1080 monitor via RGB. Notice the top is cut off? The bottom is too as the screen is too tall (PAL) and it flickers (50hz) -- I had to adjust VSYNC to stop the screen rolling.

    Obviously the ECS is making the RGB output PAL and not NTSC.


    I should also mention that with the ECS, the right side of the image has no overscan just a black drop-off of the image. This is on both the VGA and the RGB. With the Denise installed, I get a nice even overscan around the entire image. Weird. I've adjusted my LCD image to go to the edge of the screen, but it distorts the image. On the RGB, I can't adjust it evenly and it looks weird having the black drop-off on the right.


  • By default, Indivision ECS V2 is shipped in OCS configuration. You might be looking at a weird behaviour of the old Kickstart version which does not switch between modes the way you'd expect it to if the (rather unusual) cobination of OCS Desnise and 2MByte chipram Agnus is found.

    So please switch on the ECS Denise feature in the config tool and see if you can switch between modes like you can with the ECS Denise chip that you'Ve removed.

  • Again, there is no logical explanation for cutting off lines at the top and/or bottom, as the Denise chip does not even know about the actual sync signals. The RGB output that Indivision ECS V2 is generating does NOT go through any kind of buffer, as it would have to if we wanted to move the picture up/down. The Denise implementation that runs the RGB output is *very* close to the original chip, including the property "incoming data is converted to output RGB data without detours".

    So on the explanation side, I'll have to give up as well. If you're satisfied with the VGA output, that's great. And should we ever meet at some Amiga gathering, please let me take a look at the machine, as I'd like to find an explanation anyway :-)

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